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Roger L. Harmon
is a music teacher and guitarist in Denver, CO. As a working musician, Roger has traveled across the U.S. performing a wide variety of music.

He received his Bachelor of Music from Indiana University in 2005 and his Masters in Music from the University of Denver's Lamont School of Music in 2007.

Roger is a faculty member at Broadway Music School in Denver, CO in addition to owning and operating the Park Hill Music Studio.  He also teaches in an after school enrichment program at Stanley British Primary School (Lowry) and an Extended Leaning Program at the Denver School of International Studies Montbello.

He is a member of the Iliff Guitar Quartet who took first place prize in the Lamont Chamber Music Competition at the University of Denver in 2009.

Roger is an Azica Recording Artist and endorses Godin Guitars, Sfarzo Strings, Curt Mangan Strings, and Clayton picks.  


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